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I have to say I was extremely inspired and encouraged after reading a collection of articles this season about women-owned start up companies, so much so that I took a giant leap of faith and launched my own business this month

As a preschool educator I know many parents are struggling with decisions regarding early education this year. My preschool happens to conduct business out of a church. Unfortunately, the church has decided not to open due to the threat of COVID-19. I value their position on keeping everyone safe, however this leaves many families in limbo during this chaotic time. Thus, Fiddlebox & Co was born.

The product I created is a monthly curriculum based box specifically geared toward kindergarten readiness. This can be utilized as a homeschool, learning Pod, micro school or supplementary tool. Each box includes a complete lesson plan that connects math, literacy, STEM, art and mindfulness activities as well as a top rated picture book with follow up questions to make schooling from home both fun and educational.

I would be completely honored if you followed my product on Instagram @fiddleboxco

If anything I'm teaching my kids to follow their dreams, not be afraid, take risks and to shoot for the stars.

Sending my best,

Courtney Hahn

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