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Hi All,

The past few weeks have been busy! In addition to starting up Fiddlebox & Co I began privately tutoring, which I love. Today I was thinking about the questions we receive most frequently as preschool educators. Parents are often wondering what they can do to help their child at home and is their child ready for Kindergarten next year. At Fiddlebox & Co the goal is to take the stress away and make sure your child is given exactly what they need academically in an age appropriate manner. Each monthly box gives an open and go approach to numerous bite sized activities that are engaging and most importantly, not on a screen. That kind of leads me to my next thought, electronics. Don't hate me when I say this, please cut electronic time, not entirely, just understand that preschool kids need to strengthen fingers in order to write (screen tapping or swiping does not aide tripod finger grip), have a decent attention span and endurance for learning (immediate response from screen hinders this immensely) and allow for their own creativity to blossom (not one provided by graphic designers). Fiddlebox & Co is the right kind of busy learning your child needs right now be it in classroom, with tutor, at home or supplemental...we got you covered.

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