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This is my why.

Today my first orders shipped!!! The sun is shining and I feel energized with a renewed sense of hope. I am beyond thankful for everyone’s positive energy and support. It feels amazing to show my two daughters Milla & Farrah what a strong, resilient, forward-thinking mom can achieve despite being faced by so many obstacles during this time of uncertainty. I love how they witnessed every aspect of starting up my business.

Seeing my preschool students struggle with e-learning during lockdown made it clear a more magical and engaging approach was necessary. It was my passion for teaching that became the driving force behind my journey to create Fiddlebox & Co. It is my vision to see families grab hold of something they can control, a fun, uplifting learning experience for their preschooler where wonder and curiosity flourish from the comfort of their own home. I am so grateful for the opportunity to help your children learn as well as being afforded the time to help my daughters do the same.

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